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Consultancy services & project management

CKC SERVICES offers strategic and operational support in the banking and stock exchange sectors. The service focuses on project management tasks in relation to securities and derivatives trading, as well as in information technology. Another focus is on advising small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


ckc services is
Christian Klapproth.

As a certified banker, securities and derivatives trader, developer of stock exchange futures produc and former Managing Director of two OTC trading platforms I can offer more than 25 years of experience at the management level in the banking and exchange industry.

My work focuses, besides technical and substantive requirements, on constructive and results-oriented collaboration with the persons involved, often as neutral consultant and intermediary. This coaching approach is based on the experience that all technical issues and challenges are finally related to people and their needs.

In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view on close things.

Miyamoto Musashi

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You need professional support in your company? My services focus on securities and derivatives trading, and information technology. But do not forget to take a picture of it yourself or contact me now.

Securities and derivatives trading

Since 2009, I have been working as a self-employed management consultant. During this time, I have been able to successfully support banks, stock exchanges, trading platform providers and software companies through strategic and operational advice. My client range covers, inter alias, Group Deutsche Bourse, icubic AG, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the German finance agency, MTS, as well as multiple consulting assignments in Vietnam, on behalf of the GIZ, for the Hanoi stock exchange, the local Ministry of finance and the State Securities Commission.

Information Technology

In 2014, I extended my field of activity to offer support in the IT environment. Since then, working as an external project manager of a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, I managed the introduction of MS Windows 7 with the parallel installation of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), the commissioning of a project management software, the implementation of a monthly IT reporting to the Executive Board, updating the Java runtime environments and the Oracle database versions and the successful handling of numerous audit findings for the IT operations of the securities clearing firm. I also supported an IT consulting company in the sale of IT security products.

I am currently offering the online analysis tool "Straturity" in a project cooperation with interprojects GmbH.

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Bring a breath of fresh air and new ideas into your company and increase its profitability! Use external support to increase your sales, optimize your revenues and reduce your costs. Contact me driectly here.

Advice for small and medium-sized enterprises

Since mid-2023, I have also been advising small and medium-sized companies that face specific challenges as ownership and control are in one hand. This opens up opportunities, but also harbors risks.

Business decisions can be very successful, but they can also jeopardize a company's existence. Many company managers often make their decisions intuitively, based on their gut feeling.

My advice focuses on the four main areas:

Strategy: developing an attractive product range, defining a competitive pricing policy, identifying target customers and working out a unique selling point.

Business case: Planning and controlling economic success by monitoring sales, revenue and costs.

Business management: Establishing efficient organizational structures, secure information flow, smooth order processing, quality and personnel management.

Marketing: Development of an appealing website, creating incentives for customer loyalty, use of social media, regular distribution of newsletters and targeted distribution of flyers.



Temporary support offers the opportunity to supplement your own weaknesses with the strengths of an outsider:

Professional advice for the development, selection and achievement of individual goals.

Access to additional know-how in areas such as strategy, finance and marketing.

Contribution of experience from different companies and sectors.

Fresh perspectives and new impulses for innovative solutions.


The contents of a non-binding preliminary meeting are the company, its environment and the focus of a potential approach. 

Consulting contract incl. confidentiality agreement

BWA and/or balance sheets with a view to profitability

2-week analysis on site

Presentation of the results and recommendations

Completion, selection, detailing and prioritization of identified measures

Definition of sales and earnings expectations and planning of the implementation schedule

Regular support during implementation until the end of the agreement


NO remuneration during the analysis, planning and implementation phase.

Performance-related remuneration as a percentage of future company profit compared to a defined previous period.

Individual agreement before analysis.

Remuneration is one-off, variable and only paid if the consultancy is successful at the end of the cooperation.

This reduces the financial risk for the company. 

Company and consultant have identical interests.

Target Groups

Exchanges and trading platforms

Securities trading firms

Central banks, finance agencies and ministeries of finance

Market supervisory authorities, regulators und associations

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)


  • Strategic support in market development, in particular in the
    development and introduction of
    > Trading products
    > Market models
    > Trading functionalities
    > Incentive systems for liquidity provision
    > Fee models
  • Market consultation and feedback
  • Project management covering securities and IT related issues, in particular
    > Introduction of new applications and releases
    > Handling of IT audit issues

  • Strategy, Business case, Cororate management and marketing

My previous and/or current clients (a.o.):

Deutsche Börse Group

icubic AG

Global brokerage company

Federal Republic of Germany Finance Agency

MTS Markets

globally active telecommunications provider

German regional bank


Deutsche Bank Investment Services GmbH

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